Company history

ABOUT THE ENTERPRISE –  General Information


MERA as privately owned firm for performing the activities of electrical installation, manufacturing and repair of electro-technical products, designing and associated technical services with its seat in Klek, was founded on October 1,1990.

On June 21, 1994 the firm turned into MERA, a privately owned enterprise for engineering, production, maintenance and installation of measuring-control equipment and automatic control systems.

It was actually an enterprise with clearly defined and stated activities and aims.

With 14 permanently employed people and its new location in the Business Centre Mala varoš II/39 in Zrenjaninu, MERA a privately owned enterprise turned into a limited enterprise (in Serbian d.o.o.) keeping all of its commercial and technical activities with its trend of further personnel development.

Dealing with the engagements of larger scope and complicity with constant investments in its quipment and other business changes, technical upgrading and development, MERA overpasses its previous borders, starting performing the activities in the field of electro-energy and mechanical – technological equipment, successfully ending with the activities in automatic control systems.


With the current number of employees reaching 70 , with its current technical expertise, experiences, high-quality products and services, with the trend of constant development of its activities, MERA is a recognizable business partner of potential investors in the field of oil, petrochemical, food processing industry etc. in the region of Serbia and the Balkan, as well as one of the top manufacturers of measuring – control, electro-energy and mechanical – technological equipment and automatic control systems in the world.



MERA d.o.o. Zrenjanin

General manager

Đorđe Vlatković